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Our Story

Boragen was founded by world-renowned chemists, Dr. Stephen Benkovic, Dr. Lucy Shapiro, Dr. Paul Schimmel, Dr. Gerald Fink, and Dr. C. Tony Liu, in late 2015 as a spinout of Pennsylvania State University with the vision to expand the boron platform to address unmet needs and challenges across multiple sectors.

We are a team united through the study and formulation of boron as a springboard for unique application in the enhancement of plant, animal, and human health. We are dedicated investigators, inventors and innovators. Our purpose is to bring a one-of-a-kind expertise as world leaders in boron chemistry. We do not limit ourselves; we empower our industry through innovation. 


Stephen Benkovic, Ph.D

Kristina Burow

Raj Kaul

Joel S. Marcus

Paul Schimmel, Ph.D


Peter Hertl, PhD

Roger Kemble, PhD

Jake Plattner, PhD

Robert Steffens, PhD

Mark Zettler, PhD

backed by strong investors

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